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La carte

Ambiance gourmande et décontractée

The entrees:

Nem of snails with smoked bacon on salad  8.00€
 Homemade duck foie gras cooked in a tea towel and toasts 11.00€
Crispy Gambas in sweet and sour, white cabbage salad 11.00€
Cream of leek soup, boiled egg and haddock 7.50€
Cassolette of scallops and shrimps on bed of leeks 8,50€

The dishes:

Fricassee of poultry with black mushrooms, fried noodles 16.50€
St Peter’s pot and shrimp with Sauternes 18.00€
Fillet of can and pan-fried foie gras, homemade mashed potatoes 18.00€
Salmon steak with sorrel and gnocchi 16.00€
Veal tenderloin with scampi and its fine tagliatelle 18.00€
 Roasted lamb with dried fruits, oyster mushrooms 17.00€


Assortment of mature cheeses 7.00€

The desserts:

Breizh ‘lemon and lime sorbet 7.50€
Crunchy choco and homemade praline ice cream 7.50€
Pistachio macaroon, grapefruit, strawberry coulis 7.50€
Salted butter caramel in all its states 7.50€
Gourmet coffee 8.50€
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