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La carte

Gourmet and relaxed atmosphere


Appetizers :

  Snail puff pastry on leeks, reblochon cream  8.50€
Homemade duck foie gras, chutney and brioche toast 11.50€
Pan-fried prawns on zucchini tapenade and pesto 10.50€
Nem de St-Jacques and foie gras with citrus fruits 11.50€
  Soft-boiled egg tartlet, herb cream, Gravlax tandoori 8.50€

Dishes :

Braised lamb shank with mild spices from Donovan 18.00€
Blanquette of the sea, Basmati rice 17.00€
Pork cheeks, pumpkin purée, pan-fried dried fruits
Roasted duckling fillet with foie gras escalope 19.00€
Venison stew with autumn flavors  17.00€
Sea bass fillet in coconut milk, mushroom cannelloni  18.00€

Cheeses :

Assortment of “Maison Balé” matured cheeses 7.00€

Desserts :

Chocolate volcano with homemade pistachio ice cream  7.50€
Aumônière with the flavors of our Brittany  7.50€
Vanilla macaroon, roasted hazelnuts, custard 7.50€
Thousand speculoos leaves, salted butter caramel mousse 7.50€
Gourmet coffee 8.70€


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