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La carte

Gourmet and relaxed atmosphere

The entrees:

Violet asparagus, serrano ham and monk’s head  8.50€
Homemade duck foie gras, chutney and brioche toasts 11.00€
Lobster soufflé and crabs, prawns, crustacean juice 11.00€
Ravioles tartuffo, langoustines cream of celery 8.50€
Hot goat cheese salad with bacon and gizzards 7,50

The dishes:

Braised lamb mouse with seven sweet spices 17.00€
Risotto of monkfish and langoustines, chantilly of foie gras 18.00€
Yellow Pollock Paver, shrimp cannelloni 16.50€
Veal chop with mushrooms, cream of celery 17.00€
Supreme chicken goat and honey, tagliatelle 16.50€
 Seared fillet of beef, Béarnaise fries fresh 19.00€


Assortment of mature cheeses 7.00€

The desserts:

Warm waffle apples and salted butter caramel 7.50€
Cappuccino revisited my way 7.50€
Verrine of light chocolate mousse and its mikados 7.50€
Sabayon with exotic fruits and mango mousse 7.50€
Gourmet coffee 8.70€
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