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Ambiance gourmande et décontractée

the entrees:

Homemade boar terrine with green pepper  7.50€
 Crab soufflé on zucchini, cream of foie gras 8.50€
Nem de scallops and foie gras with citrus 11.50€
Homemade foie gras, chutney and toasts 11.00€
Cream of porcini mushrooms, smoked bacon and chestnuts 7,50

The dishes:

Crispy sweetbreads, tortiglionis way Carbonara 19.00€
Roe deer and tagliatelle fish 16.50€
Fried scallop shells, leek fondue 18.00€
Pavé of veal almost in the county, fricassee mushrooms 16.50€
Variegated fish, stuffed mussels, saffron cream 17.00€
 Casserole of pork cheeks with autumn flavors 16.50€


Assortment of mature cheeses 7.00€

The desserts:

Moelleux with chocolate, meringue and vanilla ice cream 7.50€
Fine pear tart with almond cream and sorbet 7.50€
Apple and grape crumble, caramel ice cream 7.50€
When Mont-Blanc comes to Brittany 7.50€
Gourmet coffee 8.50€
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