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La carte

Gourmet and relaxed atmosphere

Appetizers :

 Homemade duck foie gras, chutney and brioche toast   11.50€
Pannacotta of green asparagus and grison meat 9.00€
Crab and grapefruit cannelloni, ginger honey vinaigrette  8.50€
Parmesan beef carpaccio, Comté, pesto and foccacia  8.50€
 Warm goat cheese salad with bacon, gizzards, smoked duck  10.00€ or 14.00€

Dishes :

Béarnaise beef fillet, fresh fries  19.00€
Roasted monkfish with smoked bacon and stuffed mussels  18.50€
Crispy chicken breast, bacon cream “specialty”
 Fried sea bass fillet, stuffed chorizo ​​piquillo polenta  18.00€
Beef tartare with fresh fries and arugula  16.00€
Cod back in hazelnut crust, sautéed noodles  17.00€

Cheeses :

Assortment of matured cheeses 7.00€

Desserts :

Melting meringue with red berries and blackcurrants  8.00€
Chocolate dome on Breton shortbread, caramel mousse  7.50€
Passion fruit and chocolate tiramisu  7.50€
Mint-chocolate glazed parfait with strawberries  7.50€
Creme brulee with vanilla 6.50€
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