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Formula of the day at 10 €, 13 € and 15 €

Possibility to take an entry or an entry with a dish, a plate with a dessert or an entry with a dessert.

Menu at 27 euros

The entrees:

  Calf egg, marinated salmon and dill cream
  Sweetness black pudding with apples, bone marrow gratin
  Beef carpaccio, cheese, tomatoes and pesto

The dishes:

Caramelised pork ribs, gingham carrots and asparagus
Whole duck breast, green beans and potatoes
Fillets of red mullet on polenta, coriander and chorizo

The desserts:

Assortment of mature cheeses
Vanilla creme brulee
Homemade basil ice cream and gariguette strawberries
Profiteroles vanilla, hot chocolate and whipped cream 

Varied and regularly modified menus

Every day a new menu