Formula of the day at 10 €, 13 € and 15 €

Possibility to take an entry or an entry with a dish, a plate with a dessert or an entry with a dessert.

Menu at 27 euros

Appetizers :

Tuna and marinated salmon rillette, herb cream        
Scallops in garlic butter shells, Comté potatoes
Warm goat cheese salad, bacon and soft-boiled egg

Dishes :

Pan-fried hake fillet on zucchini spaghetti, virgin sauce
Fresh fried beef tartare and arugula
Crispy chicken breast, “specialty” bacon cream

Desserts :

Assortment of matured cheeses
Mint-chocolate and strawberry ice cream parfait
Large pistachio diplomat macaroon, Tutti Frutti
Creme brulee with vanilla

Varied and regularly modified menus

Every day a new menu