Formula of the day at 10 €, 13 € and 15 €

Possibility to take an entry or an entry with a dish, a plate with a dessert or an entry with a dessert.

Menu at 28 euros

Appetizers :

Cream of Butternut soup with coconut milk, and its peasant bread
Roll of salmon and fresh goat cheese, passion fruit vinaigrette
Dauphiné ravioli with foie gras and quail fillets

Dishes :

Veal steak with onions and camembert
Variegated fish, squid fritters and St-Jacques
Homemade cassoulet with five meats

Desserts :

Assortment of matured “Maison Balé” cheeses
Cappuccino in a chocolate cup and its sweets
Charlotte with lychees and rose water, pink biscuits from Reims
Pear almond crumble, caramel sauce and pear sorbet

Varied and regularly modified menus

Every day a new menu