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Ambiance gourmande et décontractée


 Home made terrine of board with green pepercorn  7.00€
 Blown Crab on courgettes, with cream of the duck liver Paté 8.50€
 Fine smail pie and serrano ham 8.00€
 Home made duck liver paté with chutney and toast 10.50€
 Velvety of leeks, potato and soft goat cheese 7.00€


Crispy sweetbreads, pasta carbonara 18.50€
  Roasted monkfish, cream of the duck liver paté , chips of pancetta 18.00€
  Leg of lamb braised with Donovan spice 16.50€
  Saucepan of Saint Pierre and prown with sweet wine 17.00€
  Poultry cooked with goat cheese and smoked bacon 16.00€
  Rib steak ( 300 grams ) , fresh fries with Bearnaise sauce 19.00€


Cheese assortment refined 7.00€
  Fine pie of apple, and salt butter caramel frost 7.00€
  Black forest edit with Amarena juice 7.00€
  Profiterole cake with hot chocolate, hot vanilla and whipped cream and almond 7.00€
  Panacotta coconut on spéculos biscuits, and his sand rose 7.00€
 Gourmet coffe 7.00€
 Children’s menu 8.50€
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