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La carte

Ambiance gourmande et décontractée

The entrees:

 Fan of old-fashioned tomatoes, homemade pepper ice cream  7.50€
 Mussels with cream of chorizo 7.50€
 Calf and serrano ham, chanterelle cream 7.50€
 Beef carpaccio with cheese and pesto 8.00€
 Perigord salad (foie gras, smoked duck breast, gizzards 11,00 ou 15,00
 Fresh salad “prawns, melon, pickled salmon” 10,00 ou 14,00

The dishes:

Crispy chicken supreme, bacon cream chanterelles 16.50€
 Monkfish skewer on risotto, saffron cream 18.00€
Beef tartare, fresh fries salad 15.00€
Mussels with cream of chorizo, french fries 13.00€
Salmon steak, shrimp cannelloni and crabs 16.00€
 Entrecote of 300g Béarnaise sauce, fresh fries 19.00€


Assorted cheese “Maison Balé” 7.00€

The desserts:

Apricot tatin on shortbread and sherbet 7.50€
Iced black truffle on custard, coconut tiles 7.50€
Strawberry cut melba 7.50€
Vanilla creme brulee 7.50€
 When fishing and verbena meet 6.80€
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